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Afghan Kush Pre-Rolled


Afghan-Kush-Pre-Rolled.jpg5 Rolls$100.00
Afghan-Kush-Pre-Rolled.jpg10 Rolls$200.00
Afghan-Kush-Pre-Rolled.jpg20 Rolls$400.00
Afghan-Kush-Pre-Rolled.jpg50 Rolls$1,000.00
Afghan-Kush-Pre-Rolled.jpg100 Rolls$2,000.00
Afghan-Kush-Pre-Rolled.jpg350 Rolls$7,000.00
Afghan-Kush-Pre-Rolled.jpg500 Rolls$10,000.00
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Afghan Kush Pre-Rolled

Dosing: 1.5 grams of THC-content-or-higher marijuana buds are packed into one cigarette.

Packaging: We employ a wide variety of packaging, including twist-top containers, sealed bags, and double vacuum sealing to ensure that your item arrives to you odor-free in the mail.

Storage: If you want your Pre-Rolled Joints to last as long as possible, you should keep them in an airtight container in a cool, dry area like the fridge.

Cannabis strain with a high THC content (up to 15%). Afghan Kush has a strong medicinal flavor and a significant analgesic impact. Nature’s narcotic effect on the mind and body Patients seeking relief from pain, stress, insomnia, and nausea often turn to Afghan Kush.

One more Indica strain transported down from the Hindu Kush mountains is Afghan Kush Pre-Rolled Joints, often known as Afghan OG. This strain of marijuana is known for producing the classic Indica effects, including a sedative effect on the body, and is therefore considered an easy-to-grow variety. The duration of these effects is around three hours. This is the classic harvest time for this strain because it yields more hashish per plant. Tight, light-colored trichomes will cover the plant’s sturdy, robust buds.

Numerous crimson or dark orange hairs cover the buds. Afghan Kush includes 21.6% THC (of all cannabinoids) but also significant quantities of CBD, which gives it beneficial medical properties. This medicinal marijuana strain will have a sweet, fruity aroma with hints of funk. This kind has a pleasant flavor. The flavor of this is going to be mild and pleasant. A common side effect of this strain is a drowsy, listless feeling because it hits the body harder than the brain. Since it has sedative properties, it is typically used before bedtime by those who suffer from insomnia. This is helpful for people dealing with chronic pain, eating disorders, anxiety, and other stress-related conditions. Get Some Pre-Rolled Joints of That Afghan Kush Here


5 Rolls, 10 Rolls, 20 Rolls, 50 Rolls, 100 Rolls, 350 Rolls, 500 Rolls

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