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Khalifa Kush Pre-rolled


Khalifa-Kush-Pre-rolled.jpg5 Rolls$100.00
Khalifa-Kush-Pre-rolled.jpg10 Rolls$200.00
Khalifa-Kush-Pre-rolled.jpg20 Rolls$400.00
Khalifa-Kush-Pre-rolled.jpg50 Rolls$1,000.00
Khalifa-Kush-Pre-rolled.jpg100 Rolls$2,000.00
Khalifa-Kush-Pre-rolled.jpg350 Rolls$7,000.00
Khalifa-Kush-Pre-rolled.jpg500 Rolls$10,000.00
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Khalifa Kush Pre-rolled

Dosing: 1.5 grams of high-THC cannabis buds go into each joint.

Wrapping: We employ a wide variety of packaging, including twist-top containers, sealed bags, and double vacuum sealing to ensure that your item arrives to you odor-free in the mail.

Storage: If you want your Pre-Rolled Joints to last as long as possible, you should keep them in an airtight container in a cool, dry area like the fridge.

Shake is commonly used, and it guarantees that all of the flowers in a dispensary get consumed. Of course, it also has the potential to cause some controversy. However, some customers have the false impression that the shake is of inferior-grade cannabis. Shake is essentially the same high-quality ingredients chopped into smaller pieces.

However, there are exceptions. Dry shake, the consequence of jars lying out too long, or shake with stems and fragments of leaves is of poor quality. It’s also possible to mix shakes from different strains while manufacturing pre-rolls (sometimes called mystery or rainbow rolls). The most severe issue is trim which is disguised as shaking. It’s not a terrible idea to sacrifice one pre-roll and open it up before shelling out for a whole lot. The results should be similar to those of grinding up fresh nugs.

You can also ask the dispensary staff directly.

According to Schwartz of Killer Weed Market, “our joints are always smaller nugs and shake broken down from the whole pound.” For us, “no less than a joint of the highest quality” just won’t do.

The lack of shake presents a unique challenge for Washington’s recreational industry. Nuggets are pre-packaged for sale to customers as required by state law; unlike at medical dispensaries, however, any pieces that break off the bud remain in the same bag in which they were originally grown. For this reason, recreational stores don’t roll their pre-rolls; manufacturers do.


5 Rolls, 10 Rolls, 20 Rolls, 50 Rolls, 100 Rolls, 350 Rolls, 500 Rolls

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