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Moon Rock


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Additional information

You might get confuse once you here about this strain ” Moon Rock”. Before guiding you from where to Buy Moon Rock For Sale, lets acknowledge ourselves with its information, characteristics and benefits.

Let’s be clear about something. We’re not talking about the moon rocks that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin collected. Instead, we’re talking about the pricey but incredibly strong weed nugs that will almost certainly transport you to the stars and back. Smoking moon rocks, according to regular users, is one of the greatest ways to consume the herb, so if you want to go super high, keep reading to learn more about these potent little hitters.

Moon Rock

Moon rocks are cannabis buds that have been dipped in hash oil (or sprayed with it) and then rolled in kief. It’s pretty simple to make one, and it’s a way of experimentation that’s best suited to cannabis connoisseurs with a strong tolerance for the drug. You’ll need it because the best estimations put the THC content at roughly 51%! That’s more than double the potency of some of the most potent marijuana varieties.

You can probably figure out how moon rocks got their name! You’ll feel as if you’ve boarded a spaceship bound for the moon and beyond if you buy a high-quality version. One of the most strong pharmacological effects you’re likely to experience while on marijuana is a moon rock hit.

How Does it make you feel

Some people buy moon rock for sale from online last year, they eventually responded to us  after consuming it that how does it make them felt.

They said ” Firstly, you receive a delicious kief taste with a lot of terpenes. Because moon rocks form massive clouds, giving you a completely different experience with each strike. Finally, the high will most likely be unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. Even the highest-THC marijuana strains can only come close to replicating the effects of a moon rock session.

It starts with a cerebral head high that spreads all the way down to your toes.

You’ll be in Jim Morrison territory in 30 minutes, but instead of making wonderful music, your mind will be lost in space for what seems like an eternity. The majority of users claim to have smoked moon rocks and woken up 12 hours later asking what the hell happened.

How to make Moon Rock

Now-days rather than buying moon rock for sale people have started preparing it in there houses. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to make marijuana moon rocks.

1. Make sure you have a fresh, full nug that won’t fall apart, and that the kief is stored in a jar for the last stage.
2. Drizzle a little bit of hash oil over the nug. If you’re using a concentrate, dab a small amount on a knife, heat it up, and apply.
3. With tongs, pick up the hot nug and roll it in the kief until it is completely covered.
4. Repeat with as many nugs as you can handle, then let it dry before smoking.

Review-: Final Thoughts

Moon rocks are known as ‘caviar gold,’ since they are the weed experience that true connoisseurs love. Moon rocks aren’t a specific marijuana strain. Instead, they’re a product created by blending numerous cannabis parts to create a bundle of joy that’ll give you the finest high you’ve ever had.

While moon rocks weed is available in dispensaries where marijuana is allowed for sale, expect to pay over $1,400 per ounce! Yes, an eighth will set you back close to $200, but on the good side, it takes significantly less to get high than conventional weed. Making your own version, on the other hand, is not difficult. Simply combine the three basic components of marijuana and follow the above-mentioned procedures.

Moon pebbles can be added to foods as well as smoked, though most users prefer the sublime smoking experience. Moon rocks require glassware, and we don’t recommend attempting them if you’re a cannabis newbie.

We hope you found this comprehensive Moon Rock review to be both enjoyable and educational. Please keep in mind that cannabis use is solely the responsibility of the customer, and that extreme caution should be exercised.


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