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Orange Flavoured THC/CBD Indica Drops by Twisted Extracts



Orange Flavoured THC/CBD Indica Drops By Twisted Extracts Information

Did you ever wish to include cannabis into your daily meal plans and benefit from its effects over the long-term? Well, now you can do that! With the Twisted Extracts Indica 1:1 Drops, combining weed with cocktails, teas, coffees, and food is no longer a dream but reality. Put a few drops into your morning coffee, and you’ll feel calmer, more relaxed, and a bit sleepy. The anxiety and pain will also disappear if you have any. This extract works exceptionally well if you have insomnia or chronic fatigue.

Medical patients with chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, or insomnia will benefit the most from Twisted Extracts Indica 1:1 Drops. There are 150mg of THC and 150mg of CBD per each bottle, with 5mg of each per one dropper. Twisted Extracts made this oil with only two ingredients – cannabis extract and avocado oil. Which means this is an organic and natural product!

What are Indica 1:1 Drops’ effects like?

Once you consume a few drops, you’ll realize why the Twisted Extracts products are so therapeutic. Many medical patients seek these products to alleviate their pains and symptoms of various medical conditions. It’s very easy to relieve your pain and inflammation with the Twisted Extracts Indica 1:1 Drops. Your body will tone down a bit and relax thoroughly. The CBD and THC smoothen your mind, making it more appeased and peaceful.

The primary strain used to create this oil was an Indica-dominant hybrid. This means that the these Indica 1:1 Drops are far more useful for medical applications and sedation purposes. If you want to fall asleep sooner, take a few of these drops with your evening tea or snack. In about 60-90 minutes, you should feel your eyelids heavy and your mind ready to take a nap. Good night!

How do you use Indica 1:1 Drops?

There are two main ways you can use the Indica 1:1 Drops. One of them involves taking the drops sublingually, while the other relies on taking them with food. The first option means you should keep the drops under your tongue for 30-90 seconds before swallowing. This ensures proper absorption and the most potent effects.

The second method has you combining the drops with food. It could be a salad, a steak, a lemonade, or even a piece of cake. Just put a few drops of Indica 1:1 Drops on it, and gulp it down! You’re now set to go to sleep more comfortable than ever before!

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