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Pink Runtz Delta-8 Indoor Hemp Flower


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Our Pink Runtz delta-8 flower closely mimics actual cannabis. It features a robust OG and berry flavor, perfectly complemented by the undertones of vanilla. Manicured carefully, these light green herbs are notably agglutinant. When you handle them, your fingers get wrapped in kief. Both their appearance and aroma are bizarre.

The smoke it produces is exceptionally clean and surprisingly smooth, making the strain an ideal choice for beginners. The smoothness, however, doesn’t affect the unique flavor profile of the strain. When you inhale the smoke, you enjoy the feeling of inhaling fresh autumn air, making the puff ultimately delightful. This bliss lingers with the sweet berry candy aftertaste.

Pink Rutz Highlights 

Premium Colorado-Grown Hemp Flowers (Indoor): Our exclusive Runtz delta-8 flowers are sourced from compliant indoor farms in Colorado.

Infused With Delta-8: We infuse the flowers with delta-8 THC instead of spraying, ensuring their intensity.

100% Organic and Non-GMO: Our delta-8 Runtz flowers are 100% organic. In addition, they are free from genetically modified organisms, ensuring their purity.

Lab-Tested: Our delta-8 flowers undergo third-party lab testing before hitting the market. This ensures they don’t contain solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, molds, or other health-damaging ingredients.

Compliant Will Federal Farm Bill: Our hemp flowers comply with the Federal Farm Bill. This ensures that they are sourced from hemp plants produced consistently with the Farm Bill and associated federal and state regulations. In addition, they are grown by licensed growers.

Thoughtful Packaging: To help you with appropriate storage, we pack these delta-8 flowers in resealable bags of high-quality material.

Fast, Free Shipping: To deliver these high-quality delta-8 hemp flowers to your doorstep at the earliest, we ship them quickly. Moreover, you don’t need to pay a single penny out of your pocket for the shipping cost.

Features 30-Day Easy Returns: If you are unsatisfied with the product’s quality, you can request a return within 30 days of its delivery.

BudPop’s Pink Runtz Delta-8 Indoor Hemp Flower – Details

Our Pink Runtz delta-8’s primary content, Runtz, or Runtz OG, is a rare hybrid marijuana strain highly admired for its unique fruity flavor profile and extremely dense bud structure. It features a balanced blend of Indica and Sativa (50/50), similar to the Zkittlez and Gelato cross. Credit goes to its gelato parent. Runtz’s lineage can be traced back to the biggest strains of the last decade – the Girl Scout Cookies- in the same genetic family as other heavy-hitting strains.

Runtz is amazingly colorful. Its vibrant neon green buds are dotted with bright purple spots. Each flower shimmers with a translucent cloak of trichomes. Regarding the origin, Runtz carries a Californian gene, and it caught its first limelight in Los Angeles before making its way to the nationwide market.

BudPop’s delta-8-infused flowers feature a sugary, candy-like smell and unique, complex overtones of berries. Its unabashed sourness carries the tropical vibes. In addition, it features a definite whiff of unusual sweetness. Tilting beyond the citruses of orange and inclined to pineapple-ish tones, Runtz is tingly and tangy. The sweetness somehow rounds out the holistic flavor profile of Runtz, helping it to achieve a superficial taste that any other strain can hardly produce.

This cannabis strain has enjoyed a smooth ride of popularity since its inception. Instead of foggy hits like moon rocks, the rich, creamy, and welcoming smoke of Runtz produces uplifting effects and euphoric highs. The best part is that Runtz lets you enjoy its blissful high for a long time. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Runtz’s extraordinary psychoactive effects can turn into the genesis of uncountable love letters. It’s invigorating as it doesn’t overwhelm you; instead, it brings in a splash of innovation and inspiration. It produces a blend of cheeky sensations that make you feel giggly, happy, and talkative. Thanks to Runtz’s CBD content, it helps relieve anxiety, depression, inflammation, etc.

We offer the Runtz delta-8 flowers in different package sizes to ensure that we deliver the right amount that caters to your needs. Besides, we ship these flowers free, and they boast a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are trying our products for the first time, you can enjoy a whopping 20% discount on the regular price for trying out our flowers.

BudPop’s Pink Runtz Delta-8 Hemp Buds Ingredients


Our Pink Runtz delta-8 hemp flower is enriched with the natural goodness of CBD or cannabinoid (11.34%), a natural substance found in hemp, cannabis, or marijuana plants. While CBD doesn’t have any intoxicating or psychoactive effects, according to the claims of its proponents and the findings of several studies, it comes with several health benefits. It’s a proven treatment for a medical condition called epilepsy.

A 2015 medical journal article revealed that CBD products could help treat many health conditions like generalized anxiety disorder, panic, and post-traumatic stress. Furthermore, CBD helps in reducing inflammation and chronic pain. The state laws have legalized CBD, and the FDA has already eased the regulatory requirements for allowing CBD trials, which worked as an approval of the components’ safety and authenticity.

THC (Delta-8)

Our Pink Runtz delta-8 infused hemp flower contains around 17.78% delta-8 THC. It’s a psychoactive substance found in hemp plants. This is one of over 100 naturally produced cannabinoids that are not available in significant amounts in the hemp plant. For this reason, it’s typically manufactured from hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Delta-8 works as a middle ground between CBD and delta-9 THC. Its moderate euphoric effects get you high; however, that doesn’t go over the edge. Besides, it has several health benefits, like reducing nausea, relieving pain, soothing inflammation, boosting appetite, and regulating depression.

THC (Delta-9)

Our Runtz delta-infused hemp flower contains a recommended dosage of delta-9 THC – an active cannabinoid molecule sourced from marijuana or hemp plants. It’s considerably more potent than delta-8; according to believers, it’s about twice as strong overall.

Our team of skilled researchers is aware of the inconvenient side effects of delta-9. Thus, we have strictly controlled the delta-9 dosages while processing Runtz. It ensures that you don’t need to be deprived of the atypical bliss of stoning. At the same time, you won’t have to pay for overdosing on the substance and experience inconvenient side effects like paranoid delusions or mental fog.


Our Pink Runtz features good terpenes like Ɓ-Caryophyllene, (-)-α-Bisabolol, δ-Limonene, and cis-β-Farnesene (1.42%). Apart from contributing to Pink Runtz’s unique flavor and aroma, these terpenes have plenty of health benefits. By working synergistically with cannabinoids, it promotes the entourage effect. Besides, it may help relieve the discomfort caused by diabetes and cancer.

According to shreds of anecdotal evidence, these terpenes are anti-inflammatory and have aromatherapeutic effects that activate the human brain’s olfactory system, enhancing mood and reducing anxiety.

Natural Flavors

Our Pink Runtz is naturally flavorful, and we chose to keep that intact. We didn’t load it with synthetic flavors, guaranteeing its purity.

Recommended Dosage 

Though our Pink Runtz dosage is always self-explanatory, we encourage sensible consumption. It’s worth remembering that the effects of inhaling hemp products depend entirely on how your endocannabinoid system reacts to the product. Therefore, starting with a little and checking the effects is always wise. If the high and euphoria seem adequately satisfying, you can continue with the dose you have started with. You can gradually increase the dose to enjoy a more intense and prolonged high.

We deliver 100% organic hemp flowers, and all our products undergo strict and unbiased third-party lab testing. This ensures you won’t consume health-damaging substances like solvents, chemicals, molds, heavy metals, etc. Therefore, every puff you take is 100% safe. However, you should remember that an excess of anything is bad, so consume sensibly to enjoy the best benefits.

Typically, when you inhale the smoke, Runtz takes around 10 minutes to kick in. Thus, before lighting up again, we suggest you wait for at least 10-20 minutes to experience the effects of the initial puffs. Depending on how your body responds to the product, the effects generally last 30-180 minutes.

Apart from smoking or vaping, you can use these CBD-rich hemp flowers as edibles. You can also use them for culinary applications. If you master the skill of making DIY tinctures, you can use these flowers and feel the difference.

How To Store Pink Runtz Delta-8 Flowers

We recommend storing our Pink Runtz delta-8 flowers in a cool, dry place. To help you store these flowers properly, we packed them in a high-quality resealable bag, and we suggest you keep the flowers in this bag to enjoy the best results. If you want to store them in another storage container, ensure that the container is airtight so that your flowers don’t dry out. If it’s a transparent container, don’t miss keeping it in a cool and dark place. Don’t leave the flowers in direct sunlight as it may damage their potency.

In addition, don’t store them in the refrigerator because the product’s shelf life can be reduced due to low temperatures. The best idea is to keep them at room temperature in a cabinet or drawer so that you can save them from humidity and moisture accumulation.

Pink Runtz Delta-8 Indoor Flower FAQs

What does our delta-8 indoor hemp flower do?

Delta-8 is a minor cannabinoid found in cannabis, and its flower works as the best alternative for stoning. They produce a cloud of smoke, making them the darling of numerous enthusiasts. Our delta-8 offers a relaxing experience. In addition, it helps relieve stress and anxiety. Besides, it boosts sleep and appetite. If you want a viable alternative to experience a better emotional and mental state, you can turn to delta-8 CBD flowers.

Are our delta-8 indoor hemp flowers safe?

Our high-quality delta-8 indoor hemp flowers are safe and legal in most states. However, checking that you buy these flowers from a trusted brand, like us, is essential. This will help you avoid consuming products contaminated by pesticides, herbicides, solvents, heavy metals, molds, etc. Always choose a brand that produces a certificate of analysis and lab-testing reports to ensure the safety and purity of their product.

Why buy our delta-8 indoor hemp flower?

Our Delta-8 products, including the delta-8 flowers, are 100% organic and non-GMO. In addition, they are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. You can easily access each product’s third-party lab test report and COAs so that you can consume our products with peace of mind intact. Our brand is pretty much committed to customer satisfaction. We ship orders free and quickly.

In addition, you can enjoy a lucrative discount of 20% when you place your order for the first time. If you have any queries or grievances about the product, you are always free to contact our skilled and empathetic customer support team. On top of all that, we have an excellent reputation – our official website shines with positive feedback, indicating our trustworthiness.

What does our pink Runtz flower feel like?

Just like its sweet taste, the euphoria of our pink Runtz flowers is also enjoyable. While your mind will float among the clouds, your body will unwind and relax holistically. There won’t be a dense fog of illusions, but you will sense the comfort of spring on the hottest summer days. Our Pink Runtz is unusually smooth and surprisingly flavorful. From smoking to vaping, you can enjoy it all with pink Runtz.

Can you smoke hemp during pregnancy?

Whether it’s cigarettes or hemp, you should always avoid smoking during pregnancy. Moreover, hemp research is still in its seed stage. Therefore, it’s still unclear if hemp could affect the unborn fetus. Therefore, it’s wise to stick to FDA recommendations and avoid hemp when pregnant. If you are a breastfeeding mom, you should consult your physician before consuming hemp-derived products.

Have A Happy High With BudPop’s Pink Runtz Delta-8!

That’s all about Pink Runtz delta-8 flowers! BudPop’s Pink Runtz provides the best berry flavors you could want in a cannabis strain to smoke. These flowers don’t only taste good but also provide a potent high while leaving a clean aftertaste. This is an excellent strain for beginners as it doesn’t hit too hard. Happy high!


7 Grams

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