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POP Naturals Cannabis Oil Cartridges


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POP Naturals Cannabis oil cartridges is dedicated to providing patients with pure medicine at an affordable cost. Our mission is to make the cleanest, safest, most consistent, premium-quality CBD and THC medicine we can and offer it at the lowest cost possible, so we can help patients have affordable access to the medicine they need. In this still highly unregulated industry, we are also dedicated to raising the standard in product quality and patient education and lead by example in creating a higher code of ethics for businesses in the industry to follow. POP Natural oil cartridges available.

We believe in the medicinal properties of the whole cannabis plant and the many ways cannabis can benefit a person’s health. We hope to improve lives by providing pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil high in THC, CBD, and natural terpenes. Buy POP Naturals Cannabis Oil Cartridges

We started this company because we wanted to be able to help ailing people get safe, lab-tested medicine at a price they can afford. We price all of our products as low as possible and always pass on the savings to the patients whenever we are able to further lower our costs. Making and sharing CBD medicine with all the people who need it is our true passion! We are amazed by CBD’s healing properties, from stopping seizures, combating anxiety, reducing nausea, decreasing chronic pain or inflammation, to fighting cancer, and we want to help make it available to every patient who can benefit from it, In our ongoing effort to get our high CBD medicine to all the patients who need it, we compassionately price our HIGH CBD and SUPER CBD™ products at cost. The whole POP Naturals team donates their time involved in making and delivering our HIGH CBD and SUPER CBD™ oil to dispensaries because we want every patient to be able to afford the medicine they need to be able to live a better life. We try to make sure our compassion pricing reaches the patients and are pleased to work with like-minded growers and dispensaries who believe in CBD as much as we do and who also want to get it to the patients at the most affordable cost possible. POP Naturals Cannabis Oil Cartridges. POP Naturals Cannabis oil cartridges

We are dedicated to finding ways to constantly improve our medicine and are committed to providing patients with our best. We hope to continue expanding to new territories, so we can share our medicine with all patients.

Medical marijuana patients seeking cannabis extracts for relief from their ailments are in luck — especially those living in California. Each day more and more quality cannabinoid extracts are being put on the shelves in dispensaries across the Golden State, giving many patients a plethora of options when they enter their local dispensary. Buy POP Naturals Cannabis oil cartridges

“The cannabinoids (THC/CBD) from the cannabis plant are first collected using the CO2 extraction method, which produces a viscous oil that can be either consumed orally or vaporized.”

Today I walked into my own local dispensary in search of a quality cannabis extract that will help calm my anxiety, boost my appetite, and help me sleep at night. I am a big believer in the entourage effect of cannabinoids, so naturally I wanted to find a medicine high in CBD, that also had a considerable amount of THC in it as well.

My interaction with the budtender was brief yet pleasant. An attractive and knowledgeable woman in her mid 20’s walked me through the various THC and CBD extracts (5-6 different brands), explaining the differences between each company’s product and why the prices varied. Eventually, after about ten minutes of discussion, I ended up selecting a concentrated high CBD oil by POP Naturals, a California company that uses organically grown THC and CBD strains to produce extract using pure CO2.

POP Naturals High CBD CO2 Oil Cartridges

What Is POP Naturals High CBD Oil?

This product is technically considered “solvent-free”, which means it does not contain any traces of butane, alcohol, glycol, or glycerin in the end product. However, just because it’s labeled this way doesn’t mean that the oil was created without the use of solvents during the manufacturing process. In fact, the cannabinoids (THC/CBD) from the cannabis plant are first collected using the CO2 extraction method, which produces a viscous oil that can be either consumed orally or vaporized.

The POP Naturals High CBD CO2 Oil comes packaged in two available cartridge sizes: .5 gram and 1 gram. I went with the .5 gram cartridge which cost me a donation of just $35, a steal for lab-tested concentrate with as many cannabinoids and terpenes as this product has (more on that shortly). The full gram cartridge was $60 USD (keep in mind prices may fluctuate per dispensary/city).

The CO2 oil is viscous enough to be applied anywhere but it is not as sticky as other concentrates (like budder, shatter, or waxes). All POP Naturals CO2 oils are lab tested by SCLabs, a cannabis research and lab-testing facility based in southern California. This particular batch of medicine is derived from ACDC, a strain of cannabis that is known to test high in CBD (typically a 1:1 ratio or more).

POP Naturals High CBD CO2 Oil Cartridges

“When vaporizing, the oil has an immediate effect, and is remarkably smooth and easy to inhale, with a flavor that is reminiscent of tropical spearmint.”

The label shows lab results of 65.79% total active cannabinoids, which can be broken down into ~29% THC and a hefty ~37% CBD — an attractive ratio of THC:CBD for many. I really like the fact POP Naturals retains THCA and CBDA during its CO2 extraction process because although it will end up being converted to THC and CBD anyway (when the oil is vaporized), the material should taste a bit fresher for the first couple of draws, as it is not already decarboxylated.

You may also notice the lab test results shows 5.5% terpenes remain in the end-product, which I’m a fan of. This, and the fact that there is a good amount of CBDA in the oil, lets me know I am going to get to taste a decent flavor each time I take a draw from my vaporizer pen.

How Will The POP Naturals High CBD Oil Affect Me?

The High CBD Oil from POP Naturals is definitely one of the most interesting medicines I have ever had the chance to try. Because of its high concentration of both THC and CBD, only a very small amount of oil needs to be used to reach your desired effect. When vaporizing, the oil has an immediate effect, and is remarkably smooth and easy to inhale, with a flavor that is reminiscent of tropical spearmint. Buy POP Naturals Cannabis oil cartridges

POP Naturals High CBD CO2 Oil CartridgesIn my experience, the POP Naturals High CBD concentrate will produce effects unlike the traditional effects of smoking cannabis flower. After just a few inhales from a vape pen, I begin to notice a clear change in my mood, energy, and focus. I feel a strong sense of calm set in after just a couple of minutes, great for dealing with my anxiety. After about 30 minutes to one hour, I’ll start to get hungrier and hungrier, presumably due to the THC in the extract.

The overall effect reminds me a lot of smoking a full-bodied Indica strain similar to MK Ultra, without the excessive heaviness or sedation. Because of this, I like to vape this oil at any time of the day, especially before a task that I am not looking forward to completing as it helps ease my mind and just go with the flow. Buy http://greenweedfarms.com/product/pop-naturals-cannabis-oil-cartridges/

POP Naturals High CBD CO2 Oil CartridgesMany patients report the feeling of looseness in the body combined with unexpected clarity of the mind, which I would have to also agree with. It will take some practice to figure out your comfort level and desired effect, but with such a safe and quality concentrate, there is very little (if anything) to fear. For those who don’t want to vaporize the oil in a pen, you can take the oil orally by scooping it out of the cartridge with the dab tool or by portioning the oil into gel capsules.

POP Naturals Cannabis oil cartridges

POP Naturals Cannabis oil cartridges. It is important to note that this specific cartridge/product from POP Naturals does not come with a battery included. As such, if you want to use this cartridge in a vape pen, you will either need to buy the pen battery separately, or use one of the batteries from your other universal vape pens (which is what I did). It’s as simple as screwing two pieces together. Most portable vaporizer pens on the market currently utilize the same battery design, so chances are good that as long as its connector is circular and allows you to screw it in, it will be compatible.

POP Naturals Cannabis Oil Cartridges

POP Naturals Cannabis Oil Cartridges

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