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OG Kush Pre Rolled


OG-Kush-Pre-Rolled.jpg5 Rolls$100.00
OG-Kush-Pre-Rolled.jpg10 Rolls$200.00
OG-Kush-Pre-Rolled.jpg20 Rolls$400.00
OG-Kush-Pre-Rolled.jpg50 Rolls$1,000.00
OG-Kush-Pre-Rolled.jpg100 Rolls$2,000.00
OG-Kush-Pre-Rolled.jpg350 Rolls$7,000.00
OG-Kush-Pre-Rolled.jpg500 Rolls$10,000.00
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Dosing: 1.5 grams of 18%-24% THC cannabis buds go into each joint.

Packaging: Twist-top containers, sealed bags, and double vacuum sealing ensure that your package arrives to you free of any odors, no matter how much or how little you purchased.

Storage: For the best freshness and shelf life, keep your pre-rolled joints in an airtight container in a cool, dry area like the fridge.

Causes and Conditions:

Also, there are conditions including ADD/ADHD, anxiety, arthritis, and autism. Mood swings, muscle pain, gastrointestinal issues, sleeplessness, and diminished appetite are all symptoms of bipolar illness. In addition, muscular spasms, PMS, PTSD, neuropathic pain, phantom limb pain, musculoskeletal pain, and phantom limb pain. To purchase OG Kush Roll Your Own Joints, click here.

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5 Rolls, 10 Rolls, 20 Rolls, 50 Rolls, 100 Rolls, 350 Rolls, 500 Rolls

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