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Moon Rock Pre-Rolled


Moon-Rock-Pre-Rolled.jpg5 Rolls$100.00
Moon-Rock-Pre-Rolled.jpg10 Rolls$200.00
Moon-Rock-Pre-Rolled.jpg20 Rolls$400.00
Moon-Rock-Pre-Rolled.jpg50 Rolls$1,000.00
Moon-Rock-Pre-Rolled.jpg100 Rolls$2,000.00
Moon-Rock-Pre-Rolled.jpg350 Rolls$7,000.00
Moon-Rock-Pre-Rolled.jpg500 Rolls$10,000.00
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Moon Rock Pre-Rolled

Dosing: There are around 51% THC-content cannabis buds in each 1-gram joint.

Packaging: We employ a wide variety of packaging, including twist-top containers, sealed bags, and double vacuum sealing to ensure that your item arrives to you odor-free in the mail.

Storage: If you want your Pre-Rolled Joints to last as long as possible, you should keep them in an airtight container in a cool, dry area like the fridge.

MoonRocks flavor is now available in ready-to-smoke joints. Produced using only the highest quality materials. There’s a quad BC Bud strain, some keef, some kief, and some oil with a strawberry flavor in each joint. Your joint will stay fresh for days in its glass test tube, and you can light it up in no time. We only have a few, so if you want one, you better act fast.

One and a half grams of Moonrock is in each pre-roll.

Can you explain what exactly Moon Rocks are?

They say Moon Rock is “the strongest bud in your galaxy,” and they’re not kidding. A Killer OG bud has been given an extra kick by being doused in hash oil and kief. The final product has a THC content of 51.2% thanks to this method.

To what end do I put them?

There is evidence that Moon Rocks can help in reducing pain, increase appetite, and minimize nausea. The substance has a CBD content of 0.15%, making it effective against pain and stress.

Moonrock Pre Rolls: How Do I Enjoy Them?

It’s as easy as removing the cap and lighting up.


5 Rolls, 10 Rolls, 20 Rolls, 50 Rolls, 100 Rolls, 350 Rolls, 500 Rolls

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